Outlaw biker – A sort of history (Sami Parkkonen)

Saatavuus: Varastossa

9,90 €
  • Ilmestymisvuosi : 01/2014
  • Kirjailija : Sami Parkkonen
  • Kustantaja : Progs Kustannus
  • ISBN : 9789527069042
  • Sivuja : 198
  • Sidosasu : Nidottu



"This book is sort of a history of the outlaw bikers. It is not the definitive history, nor it is a catalogue of the fantastic crimes and legends surrounding the outlaw bikers. This book walks trough a century from the first motorized bicycles to the present day and tells you this history un-like any other book.

There are dozens and dozens of books about the outlaw bikers which repeat the old stories as real, detail horrible crimes committed or alledgely to be committed by the bikers, and repeat the police mantra of the evils of the outlaw community. This is not one of those.

This book shows you how it all began, how it transformed trough the years and how the police learned to use the outlaw community for its own gain. This book also tells you how the police became so convinced in their own fantasies about the outlaw bikers, that some of them began to play act their own fairytales in real life."


Sami Parkkonen