The only brand book you will ever need (Liisa Puolakka, Michiel Maandag)

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  • Ilmestymisvuosi : 03/2014
  • Kirjailija : Liisa Puolakka, Michiel Maandag
  • Kustantaja : Suomen Liikekirjat
  • ISBN : 9789519155333
  • Sivuja : 158
  • Sidosasu : Nidottu



More than ever you need an original and distinctive brand. But how do you create a good name, a good logo and a recognizable category so that anyone understands what you are selling?

In The only brand book you will ever need you read everything you need to know - fast.

This is the first illustrated no-nonsense book for anyone who wants to create a winning brand without drowning in theory.


“A small book with a big idea. It distils worlds of wisdom and invaluable knowledge into a compact and fun-to-read form. A mustread for any start-up crew and not a bad refresher for more mature organisations either.”
Matias Myllyrinne, CEO, Remedy Entertainment (creators of Max Payne)

“This book really helps business owners to focus on how consumers will perceive their brand. Invaluable!”
Holly Grainger, founder, scooTow Ltd

“While there are hundreds of books on marketing and brand strategy, few of them offer the insights in such a simple and direct format.”
David Placek, founder, Lexicon Branding (creators of BlackBerry, Swiffer, Pentium, Sonos)


Liisa Puolakka

Liisa Puolakka is a trend analyst and creative brand professional at ChauhanStudio, London. She is former head of Nokia’s global brand identity.

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Michiel Maandag

Michiel Maandag is a brand advisor and founder at monday brand advisory, Helsinki. He has invented unique and highly effective methods to help create winning brands.

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