Porvoo of Natalia Linsén and John Granlund (Merja Herranen, Olavi Hankimo)

Saatavuus: Varastossa

9,90 €
  • Ilmestymisvuosi : 01/2014
  • Kirjailija : Merja Herranen, Olavi Hankimo
  • Kustantaja : Siltala
  • ISBN : 9789522342584
  • Sivuja : 133
  • Sidosasu : Sidottu



This book of photography originated with a picture postcard printed at Erik Söderström's bookshop in Porvoo, mailed to Turku in June of 1903, and discovered a hundred years later in the card collection of a Helsinki antique shop.

Over the years, increasing numbers of Erik Söderström's Porvoo townscapes surfaced and, as they did, interest in them grew. Eventually the idea emerged to put together a book featuring these photographs. This effort led to an extensive survey ot the work of two turn-of-the-century Porvoo photographers of local people and places, the publication of this volume.


Merja Herranen

Olavi Hankimo